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Suhrud Mandal was established on 1st August 1973.There were very few education facilities for children with hearing impairment.

Eminent educationalist and a prominent person in the education of Hearing Impaired children , late Mrs. Malatibai Joshi inspired her friends to work for this cause .

Management members ( 2011- till date )
with Malatibai Joshi- 2013
Management 2000 to 2011
Management 2011 to 2015

Aims and Objectives :
In order to enable the children with Hearing Impairment to lead life of a common person, 
1. Frame schemes/projects for providing educations ,
2. Provide parental guidance ,
3. Undertake research work for their rehabilitation ,
4. Do ancillary things and assist them in all respects.

Structure :
General Body : Meetings are held twice a year . All members of Suhrud Mandal are informed about major projects and activities .

Executive Committee : Experts in different fields are invited / volunteer to give advice to the management committee .Every three years members are elected on this committee.The office bearers of the management committee are selected from the elected members .

Management Committee : Management Committee looks into day-to-day working of the Institute & schools . It consists of 5 office bearers , Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Secretary, Joint-secretary and Treasurer. There are five invitees in the committee .

Presidents Tenure
Mrs. Kusum Godbole 1973 to 1981
Mr. D.S. Savkar 1981 to 1985
Dr. O.P. Khosala 1985 to 1998
Mr. S.M.Behere 1998 to 1998
Mr. Jayant Shaha 1998 to 2004
Dr. V.K.Bhide 2004 to 2006
Dr. Mukund Abhyankar from 2006 - Till Date
Managment Committee 2009 To 2011 2014 To 2015
Chairman Mrs.Snehalata Varnekar Dr.Kalyani Mandke
Vice Chairman Mrs.Anuradha Chhatre Dr.Anuradha Phatarphod
Vice Chairman Mrs.Abhaya Wadikar -
Hon.Secretary Dr.Indu Kale Mrs.Abhaya Wadikar
Hon.Joint Secretary Dr.Anuradha Phatarphod Dr.Vasanti Deshpande
Hon.Treasurer Mrs.Usha Sandu Dr.Vasanti Deshpande(from 2015)
Member Mr.Rajeev Natu Dr.Indu Kale
Member - Mrs.Vidya Lele
Member Mrs.Rajani Phadke Mrs.Rajani Phadke
Member Dr.Vasanti Deshpande Mrs.Arati Patwardhan
Member - Mrs.Nisha Sawant
Member - Mrs.Shobha Chakradev
Member - Mrs.Shubhada Arole

About the Beginning of Suhrud :

The first school started with 5 children with hearing impairment (HI) children at the residence of Late Mr.Bapusaheb and Mrs. Kamaltai Nagarkar. It is a non-Government Organisation (NGO) , registered under Maharashtra State - Social Welfare Dept. , whose aim is to educate and bring the hearing impaired children into the mainstream of the society. Suhrud Mandal is working for the education and a rehabilitation program for HI children. This is a Pune (Maharashtra, India) based institution working for 450 children with hearing impairment from rural areas and economically backward class .


Highlights :

Down the memory lane :

  1. Under the Home Training Program ,Suhrud Mandal started 39 schools in 15 districts of Maharashtra during the period 1976 to 2000 . Suhrud Mandal’s aim has been to reach the unreached. In its early years’ of Suhrud Mandal’s establishment, volunteers would survey rural parts of Maharashtra. If the volunteers found a significant number of children with hearing impairment in any specific geographic location ,Suhrud Mandal would start a special school in that vicinity with the help of a local NGO. Suhrud Mandal gave financial and educational support for the first three years to make the special school a sustainable project and later would hand over the school to the local management. Most of these schools are still actively working .
  2. Suhrud Mandal started 3 months special training courses .This course ,‘Abhinav Shikshak Prashikshan Padavika ‘ was successfully run for 15 years (1980 to 1995) . Eminent Doctors , ENT specialists, Audiologists & educators volunteered their services.
  3. Professional up gradation for the teachers is a continuous need .Suhrud Mandal sensitive to meet this need , conducted nearly 50 seminars / workshops for teachers (1989 to 2002) .Teachers across Maharashtra participated in these seminars. All the subjects related to reasons for deafness , teaching sign language ,simplification of the learning process , making teaching aids , rehabilitation of the Hearing Impaired child were discussed in these seminars.
  4. Maharashtra Pathya-Pustak Mandal ( BalBharati ) supported to print the simplified version of the history book for std. IV which was written by experienced teachers of Suhrud Mandal with the assistance of educationists .
  5. Hearing Aid distribution camp : Three days camp was organized for distribution of hearing aids with the help of Aliyawar Jung National Institute for Hearing Impaired , Mumbai. About 200 students from the rural area benefited by this camp.
  6. Peripatetic Teachers Scheme.-Suhrud Mandal trained 6 teachers from remote villages to teach children of 2 to 5 years of age .This scheme was active in Ratnagiri ,Vadgaon, Javar, Ichalkaranji, Kasheli & Sangamner. About 25 children were benefited by this scheme.Late Vatsalatai Bhate , eminent educationalist started this project in year 1984 . Reaching out to unreachable children was a novel concept at that time .

  Our Vision

To create awareness about difficulties of hearing impaired among the general public by writing articles ,workshops, lectures , demonstrations etc. To fulfill these objectives arrange meetings and make plans

To develop networking with other regular and special schools in the country and abroad.

To impart meaningful vocational training to enable rehabilitation .

To create information bank of issues related to Hearing Impairment.

To sensitise and guide the parents of the hearing impaired children .

  Our Mission

To create awareness and sensitize the general population towards difficulties and the special needs of those with hearing impairment, through workshops, lectures, seminars and by publishing articles in mass media.

To establish networking with other special schools in the country.

To impart meaningful vocational training to enable rehabilitation and social development.

To create an information bank of relevant issues in hearing impairment.

 New projects

Balbharati text books simplified for children with special needs

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