About Us | Our Founders and Management Committee

Late Mr. G.P. and Mrs. Kamaltai Nagarkar
Late Mr.V.S.Godbole Late Mr.V.S.Godbole
Mrs. Kusumtai Godbole
Mrs. Lalita Karandikar
Our Inspiration Late Mrs. Malatibai Joshi
Dr. Anuradha Phatarphod, Dr. Indu Kale, Late Ms. Snehlata Prabhu, Mrs. Snehlata Varnekar, Late Mrs. Sunita Dabake, Mrs. Kusum Godbole, Late Dr. Kalpana Paranjape, Mrs. Kumud Kulkarni.
Dr. Anuradha Phatarphod (Jt. Secretary), Mrs. Mrudula Chchatre, Mrs. Abhaya Wadikar, Mrs. Usha Sandu (Treasurer), Mrs. Rajani Phadke, Dr. Vasanti Deshpande, Mrs. Kusum Godbole (Founder member), Mrs. Snehlata Varnekar (Chairperson), Dr. Indu Kale (Hon. Secretary), Dr. Kalyani Mandke (Chairperson from 2011).

  Our Vision

To create awareness about difficulties of hearing impaired among the general public by writing articles ,workshops, lectures , demonstrations etc. To fulfill these objectives arrange meetings and make plans

To develop networking with other regular and special schools in the country and abroad.

To impart meaningful vocational training to enable rehabilitation .

To create information bank of issues related to Hearing Impairment.

To sensitise and guide the parents of the hearing impaired children .

  Our Mission

To create awareness and sensitize the general population towards difficulties and the special needs of those with hearing impairment, through workshops, lectures, seminars and by publishing articles in mass media.

To establish networking with other special schools in the country.

To impart meaningful vocational training to enable rehabilitation and social development.

To create an information bank of relevant issues in hearing impairment.

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