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State Level Seminar for special teachers

Suhrud mandal organized a State level Seminar for the special teachers from all the districts of Maharashtra , on 24 -25 th Sept 2011 .Rehabilitation Council of India & Bruhan Maharashtra College of Commerce were the co-sponsors . Around 370 teachers from all corners of the state participated in the seminar. Eminent speakers & experienced teachers delivered speeches . Teachers presented their experiments in teaching .

Suhrud published 4 books in Marathi (regional language) on this occasion.The reason for publishing books in Marathi was necessary as there were few books on these subjects in Marathi.

  1. Shravanshastra (Audiology) By Dr. Kalyani Mandke and Mrs. Aruna Sangekar,
  2. Karna-badhiranchya Lekhan-Vachan Kaushalya cha vikas (Development of Reading & writing skills for HI students) By Dr. Supriya Kale , Mrs. Namita Joshi .
  3. Jagaa ni jagu dya(Live& let live) drama skits , By Madhuri Deshpande.
  4. Suhrud Chitrakala( Suhrud Drawing book ) By Mr. Atul Purandare. The Seminar was inaugurated by eminent writer & social worker Dr. Anil Avachat

E - Learning

Suhrud Mandal has started ‘ e-learning ‘ in all 4 schools with the help of Rotary club Kothrud & Rotary club Sports City , in December 2011 .

It is found that for science, geography, mathematics, history & environmental studies this method is very helpful.

Each school is provided with computers , projectors with screen & the educational software by Komkin and MKCL(Maharashtra) .

It is found that Digital education helps the students to understand the subject more effectively. Also they enjoy & participate enthusiastically in the e-learning process.

The teachers are preparing their own teaching material in the form of multimedia presentation.

Starkey Foundation , USA donated hearing aids

In April 2013, Starkey Foundation , USA , (digital hearing aids company) donated 1500 hearing aids to all students in Pune District with the help of Suhrud Mandal .

Dr. Kalyani Mandke , our Chairperson took the initiative & Suhrud Mandal’s staff & teachers made this big event a great success under her guidance.

Teachers Seminar on Ruby Jubilee Celebration

As a part of “ Ruby Jubilee “ celebrations of Suhrud Mandal , in the year 2013 , Pandurang Shamrao Mulgaonkar , B.Ed college ( for special B.Ed.) arranged a seminar of special teachers from all corners of Maharashtra . The seminar was well attended by 250 teachers out of the total number 70 teachers were past-students of the college.

Workshop of Rectors and Head-Masters of residential School

Another part of celebration of Ruby Jubilee a workshop of Rectors and Head-masters of residential schools for Hearing Impaired children – April 21-22 , 2014.

Subject -  

The workshop for hostel superintendents and head masters was organized for the first time in Maharashtra .

 From all corners of Maharashtra state 152 participants attended the workshop.

Legal advisers , eminent experts in this field and social workers participated in the workshop.

Recent Activity

Recent Activities --

The vocabulary of the HI students is limited . They need simplified text books .

These books are not available in the market , so Suhrud has taken up the work of simplifying the text books with the help of eminent educators and experts in this field .

These books will be very useful to all Hearing Impaired students and slow learners in Maharashtra state.

Development of parallel Text Books :

Specials schools have been using regular textbooks developed by Balbharati in Maharashtra state.

BalBharati publishes text books for all regular school children in Maharashtra state. Content experts and renowned educationists carefully select material of these books . Naturally there have been challenges, and hurdles to adopt and to implement the academic program for these children in special schools.

The expert committee was formed to undertake the task of adaptation of the text books for std I,II,III,IV published by Balbharati. This adaptation exercise was done adhering the guidelines set by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) , and Ali Yaver Jung National Institute of Hearing Handicapped ( AYJNIHH)

This endeavor of SuhrudMandal will provide uniform teaching material to educators serving the children with special needs, saving their time and effort. In the adapted version of text books, the content matter is re-written in simpler words, giving meanings of new words also in simpler words. Additional pictures and visual inputs are provided to make comprehension easier.

These books are immensely useful for children with limited language. And as such these will also be useful to children with learning disabilities. SuhrudMandal is confident that all the special schools in Maharashtra state will benefit from these newly developed parallel Text books.

Suhrudmandal is grateful for the philanthropic support from - कमिन्सइंडियाफौंडेशन ,फोर्बमार्शल , दिमहाराष्ट्रएक्झिक्युटरअंडट्रस्टीकंपनीमार्फतसदानंदकमलासार्वजनिकविश्वस्तनिधीवश्रीविनायकसन्त.

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